Kerensa Hofmeyer

Kerensa Hofmeyer

I am continuously learning how to truly Dare to Love Myself. As an individual in recovery from an eating disorder, as a graduate student in school to become a registered dietitian to one day help others in their journey toward recovery, and as the current president of my campus' student organization "Love Your Body Project" to promote body positivity and eating disorder awareness, I am learning something every day about how to give myself grace and be gentle with myself. And I am learning how to show others how to provide those same actions towards themselves. Because we all deserve it. We all are enough. And we all deserved to be loved - most importantly by ourselves.

In order to help me spread the message provided by this campaign, please donate! In order to help support the Alliance for Eating Disorders and the amazing people that make up this non-profit, please update! The more I am able to raise, the more events like this will be able to continue to spread the views and beliefs I hope to also be able to promote - as president of my campus' club, as a registered dietitian, and as a human in recovery, that I fight every day.



Kipp Hofmeyer
Sep 27, 2021
Michigan, US

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Kerensa Hofmeyer


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